• Trader Pramesh Gupta
  • Pramesh is an experienced trader of forex and commodity. He has a Master of Business Administration from Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok. Currently, he is serving as president of the Association of Nepalese in Québec (ANQ) and is a board of directors at large to the Liberal Party of Canada – Papineau Riding of MP Honourable Justin Trudeau. He lives in Montreal, Quebec, and has immigrated to Canada from Nepalganj, a city of Nepal.

    Pramesh has been in the field of Sales & Marketing for 15 years. He has engaged in the sale of FMCG to Electronics & Furniture. One thing that he strongly believes in customer service & satisfaction. Quality & quantity were necessary. Customers should enjoy your products like it’s a member of their life. Like Sony, Nescafe, which are a part of life for many. He believes sales & marketing should stand to leave some long term impact on the customer’s mind & heart. If committed, SKY IS ALWAYS THE LIMIT. Mr. Pramesh is an active Liberal Party of Canada volunteer in the Montreal area of Quebec

    Email: prakhig007@gmail.com