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    Some of my greatest memories as a Liberal are from our national conventions, which are usually an unparalleled opportunity for supporters from coast to coast to coast to come together for policy discussions, keynote speakers, innovative training sessions, and so much more.


    As with all of our events and organizing though, our top priority will always be the health and safety of all Canadians, including the dedicated supporters who volunteer their time and leadership within our movement.


    As such, and after careful consideration of public health guidance in recent months, our National Board of Directors has decided to postpone the next Liberal National Convention until April 9-10, 2021.


    Protecting people’s safety has guided this decision at all times, and we will be continuing to monitor and follow the guidance of public health experts with respect to all of our events and organizing across Canada.


    I know how much all of us were looking forward to a 2020 convention when this year began, and I want to take a moment to thank all of those who have already registered to participate. The registration fee for donors near the annual contribution limit will be refunded automatically, and unless you wish for your fee to remain as a donation, all other registrants can request a refund by emailing assistance@liberal.ca before the end of this year. 


    I also want to thank the thousands of Registered Liberals who have already been sharing ideas in our Open Policy Process. The postponement of the convention also means that the National Policy Prioritization Vote will also be postponed until February 19, 2021, to March 5, 2021, and further updates will be shared soon. 


    As a Registered Liberal, you are at the heart of this movement — and even through these unprecedented times, your hope and hard work is helping drive our vital democratic engagement work in new and virtual ways.


    Grassroots Liberals across the country have continued stepping up to connect with Canadians, making hundreds of thousands of calls in recent months to hear Canadians’ ideas and priorities for building a better future.


    If you have any questions on this announcement or your registration, don’t hesitate to reach out to assistance@liberal.ca.


    While this convention will now be taking place a few months later and with some new and innovative differences, your hope and hard work ensures that we can keep building a stronger, better, and more resilient Canada.


    Thank you for all that you do,


    Suzanne Cowan

    President, Liberal Party of Canada