• Why Liberal Party?
  • Nepalese who have immigrated to Canada are helping to make Canada a diverse and more successful country. Every year Nepalese with exceptional skills arrive across the country as new Canadians and work hard to be economically active to sustain businesses, explore innovation, and create jobs.


    Canada needs such contributions now more than ever before. As people in Canada grow older and family sizes grow smaller, many businesses and communities struggle to find enough workers, putting the services people rely on – and Canada’s strong economy – at risk.


    To keep the Canadian economy strong and growing, the Liberal Party of Canada has acknowledged the importance of skilled immigrants and have a sustainable strategy to move forward with modest and responsible plans and policies to welcome highly skilled professionals, who are adding values to build a stronger Canada.


    Liberal Party of Canada has also been highly supportive to all Nepalese immigrants to Canada to make Canada as our home through appropriate social integration and capability building initiatives. It includes their policy to welcome immigrant Canadians into Canadian politics. One of the most brilliant and influential philosophers, Plato (427–347 BC), has once indicated: if good, honorable, intelligent men do not wish to serve in government, then they will be punished by being ruled by those who are bad, dishonorable, and dumb. In this time, we also need to openly exercise our political rights and serve the nation for its betterment. This platform is also aimed to do so while being a proud Liberal.