• Introduction
  • We are a Liberal Party of Canada support group, voluntarily organized in our own initiations to express our trust to the Liberal Party of Canada from Nepalese-Canadian nationals.


    The Nepalese-Canadian Liberal Party of Canada support Community, popularly known as ‘Liberal Nepali-Canadian’ is purely a volunteer group of Nepali language-speaking Canadian nationals immigrated to Canada.


    It is neither a formal unit of the Liberal Party of Canada nor is an authorized affiliated institution. We are only a committed group to help Nepali Canadians to understand and have inner insight about Liberal values, activities, and political and social movements.


    We also facilitate them to help the Liberal Party of Canada. Members in this group do not collect funds or distribute membership for the Liberal Party of Canada, rather may help Canadian nationals to link with the right liberal platforms if they wish to support to make those support direct to the liberal party of Canada.


    We neither receive any grant or financial support from the Liberal Party of Canada for any activities. Rather all associated expenses are absorbed by active members of this group if and when required on a volunteer basis.